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Apply to be mayor to your region here!
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Minecraft Name: Chaotic_Shadows

I would like to apply for mayorship for a personal region.
The coordinates are : -198.700 / 63 / 3400.941
My total Claimblocks are 11060 and I have 1230 blocks left to spend.

In total I have been playing for 57.6 hours since the update to 1.13.
I didn't buy a voucher.
Thank you.
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Minecraft Name: HayanTokki

Your application is temporarily rejected. Please bump this post up by replying after you have a few more builds in your region.

The region does not seem sufficiently built upon for us to claim the region for you. This is still do despite taking into account that you do have a relatively extensive underground build. We would like to see a bit more investment into the region from you.

On that note, please do note that we found you had a few entities crammed into one block (sheep, cow) and ask that you minimize the number of entities crammed into one block. This can cause quite a bit of lag for the entire server. Likewise, I've gone ahead and evened out your lava pool underground as most of it was flowing lava, which also contributes to lag.
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