Vacate the claims of SupremeIsThicc and Tristkick1234

If you have a resident who is inactive and need a removal of their build, you can request it here.
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Good afternoon,

There are claims in Auckland made by people who have not been on in a couple weeks. Tristkick has not been on since November 25 and SupremeIsThicc has not been on since December 27. As mayor, I want to keep Auckland open to people who wish to make Auckland better. I do not want to hinder their ability to do that.

I have given both of them a week to sign in and have posted that I will evict them if they do not sign on. In Auckland, it is an established rule that I can evict someone for any reason, but only you have the power to vacate claims.

I will be keeping touch with you about DryDirtLeoII, who has been on recently but who I have posted a notice of eviction to as well. He has a week to clean up his base/claims in Auckland.

Tristkick: (2266, -1434) to (2279, -1421)
SupremeIsThicc: (2170, -1311) to (2195, -1286), (2226, -1300) to (2236, -1309), (2238, -1311) to (2248, -1322), (2247, -1321) to (2238, -1311) and (2248, -1306) to (2285, -1365)
DryDirtLeoII: North of Tristkick's claims by a couple blocks

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tristkick1234 has been removed and regenned. I don't know why they still had claims so because they should have already be lapsed I went ahead and regenned it. There wasn't much, and removed the claim.

SupremeIsThicc was on 16. Mar 2019, 17:12 so if you want a timer started please advise update and advice the start date but likely make a new request. As DryDirtLeoII is also an open point. We don't deal in contingency's and open ended things, or at least try not to.

So I would ask that this now be closed and you make separate threads for each eviction as the issues therein just make for a long post if multiple people are being addressed and there subissues. It is cleaner and easier that there be one post/thread per eviction.

Right now there are no countdowns for the remaining players. Supreme has met the condition you required as they had in fact logged in less than two weeks ago. And DryDirtLeoll has to work on their base or something, by saying you will keep us in touch on it is not the firm direction we ask for.

We need a firm removal time. State when notice was given (by signs and where placed) and when they are to be evicted (Final day and time, and one minute after this time everything will be removed). Please note it is a serious manner and eviction involves regenning the land to how it was before a player was there. We are not moving companies. Everything goes, it is in effect their claims have been revoked in the region and similar to when claims lapse, everything goes back to how it was before they moved in, and all their stuff is lost.

So please create new post for the other two evictions and state when you are giving an eviction order and for how long they have.

And this thread is basically closed out but I'll leave open for the time being.
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