Eviction of Danroy1 in gorge1

If you have a resident who is inactive and need a removal of their build, you can request it here.
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Hello everyone, with this topic i hope to get Danroy1's place evicted in the region gorge1.
I have not seen this player in a month, and he or she hasnt made any progress on his/her day1 starter base.
Additionally it has a very central spot and is very close to the region pole which makes it very uncomfortable for me as a mayor to claim land around his/her claim.
The claim i wish to get deleted is not bigger than 40x40 and the coords are:
Also i have placed signs in front of his/her claim which ask to unclaim the land like a week ago. No response yet...

Thanks for taking time
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Claims are not regenned

The claim has been removed, there are items are still in there so you can collect them and store them or use them to landscape the land.
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