Eviction of 1firelord9 in gorge1

If you have a resident who is inactive and need a removal of their build, you can request it here.
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Hello everyone, with this topic i am asking for the eviction of the player 1firelord9 in the region gorge1.
This player have not showing up in more than 4 weeks now and i am trusted to his claim. The point is i did like 75% of the builds on his claimed land on my own which leads me to the question whether it would be possible to just unclaim this players land (so i can claim it) rather than destroying the builds on this particular claim.
The coords to this players place are (-613/79/1023).
If it is not possible to only unclaim this players land in gorge1 (which is not bigger than 40x40) i would rather cancel this eviction request!!!

I also placed signs that asked for unclaiming like a week ago, but i have not received any response yet.

Thank you for taking time!
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Claims removed are not regenned.

This claim has been removed though.
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