How do i keep my stuff safe?

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The griefprevention plugin provides claimblocks that are neccesary to make claims around your stuff. 1 Claimblock equals 1 block column reaching from the maximum buildhight to 200 blocks below the lowest claimed block. To be able to claim 1 chunk (16x16 blocks) you will need 256 claimblocks.

You start out with 100 claimblocks and every real-life hour you spend on the server accumulate 100 more claimblocks to your account with a maximum of 160k or 160.000 blocks.
Why 160k? Regions are 400x400 blocks, so 160k blocks are enough to cover an entire region.

First Claim
After you join, the first chest you place will automatically create a claim of 81 blocks in a 9x9 square. This system exists so new players are protected even if they don't know how to create land claims yet.
For normal land claims you will need a Golden Shovel. It's best to mark the area you want to claim and then youcan easily right-click 2 oposite corners with the golden shovel. The area you want to claim has to be at least 10x10 blocks, anything lower will give you an error message in chat. It's possible to claim rectangles (ex: 15x70) but please do not exceed the regionsize of 400x400 as this will effectively overlap another region.
-If you prefer commands: /claim will claim a 10x10 area around your position. You will still need to hold a golden shovel for this command to work.

Maintaining claims
After you make your claim, you might occasionally want to check your claim borders to make sure you're not building outside your claim. You can do this with a regular stick.
  • If you right click an unclaimed block with a stick you will recieve a message in chat that the block is unclaimed.
  • If you right click a block inside your own claim it will show your claim borders in glowstons blocks and all your subclaims in it with Iron blocks and white wool. The gold blocks (how many depend on the size of your claim) will appear along the borders, starting from the glowstone corner markers
  • If you right click a block in another players claim you will recieve a message in chat telling you the block is claimed and who the owner is. Additionally the borders of the claim might show.
  • If you shift+right click an unclaimed block it you will revieve a message in chat telling you how many claims are nearby and possibly mark the corners of claims that are in render distance.
To adjust your claim: Right click a corner block of your claim with a golden shovel, then right click a new corner block. Please note that since this action will also expand the entire border(s) of the claim you will need enough claimblocks for this action to succeed.
Ex: if you want to expand a 10x10 claim to 12x12 you will need 44 free claimblocks.
-If you prefer commands: /claim extend <count> will extend your claim in the direction you are facing. <count> is the number of blocks by which you want to resize your claim can be a negative value. You will still need to hold a golden shovel for this command to work.
Again; make sure you have enough claimblocks to perform this action.

/abandonclaim will delete the claim you stand in. /abandonallclaims will delete ALL your claims.

Subclaims are claims within claims. They allow you to set different permissions for a plot within a claim
Ex: if you want to setup a plot to allow another player to build in, without being able to grief the rest of your region, subclaims are what you need.

To make a subclaim; type /subdivideclaims and then rightclick 2 opposite corners of the plot you want to subclaim.
You can right click the same block twice as the size of a subdivision can go from 1 block (for a button/lever) to the size of your current claim. You can setup as many subclaims as you want but they can't overlap or exceed the border of your main claim.
Subclaims will automatically inherit permissions from the main claim, meaning players who are trusted in the mainclaim are also trusted in all your subdivided claims. To change this per subdivision you need to /restrictsubclaim. Using this you can use a mainclaim for a community and still keep some spaces completely private.
The command /basicclaims will put you basic claim mode so you don't accidentally make subclaims you don't need.
  • Visualisation
  • Example 1
    This is what a basic claim looks like. A basic claim will protect both chests A and B from other players. A claim has glowstone located in all four corners of a claim with gold blocks placed along the border.
  • Example 2
    Here we’ve included a subdivided claim within our basic claim for other people to use. If we gave /containertrust permission to a user within the subdivided claim, they’d have access to Chest B, but not Chest A. Subdivided claims are shown with iron blocks located in all four corners with white wool placed along the border..
  • Example 3
    If you come across a claim that is made up of redstone ore and netherrack, it means that the area you’re trying to claim overlaps someone else’s. Chests and blocks are not accessible in these claims unless you have the correct permissions. In this instance, because we don’t have any trust, Chest C is protected from us. If this happens to you, your first step is change the shape of your own claim. Step two is asking the claim owner if they can move it or adjust the claim, if you really need the space. And finally, once you’ve run out of options, and only if you’ve tried the two steps above, you can ask a Senior to find out what can be done about the claim in question.
  • Example 4
    If you come across a claim made of glowstone and pumpkins, you’ve found an admin claim. Players are unable to build or access blocks found in these areas as they are only accessible to Seniors. In this example, Chest D is protected from all players that do not have the correct permissions.

Permissions allow you togrant other players certain levels of access to your claims. You can give these permissions to players specifically, or to the public (all).
If you perform a trustcommand in a subdivided claim (plot), the trust you grant will only be applied within that plot. If you perform the command in your main claim, trust will be granted in the entire claim and subclaims (unless restricted). Performing trust commands outside your plot will grant trust in ALL your claims. Be careful who you trust!!
/accesstrust <player>/all: Gives the player or public permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/containertrust <player>/all: Gives the player or public permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/trust <player>/all: Gives the player or public permission to edit in your claim.
/permissiontrust <player>/all: Gives the player or public the ability to give other players permissions.
/untrust <player>/all: Removes all trustlevels from the player or public.

/trustlist: Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in. This can be done in your main claim and all subclaims seperately.

  • Whenever you build something, make sure everything is claimed. YOU are the only one responsible for your claims.
  • Make sure to maintain your claims. Claims might vanish and regenerate terrain if they aren't kept active. Just breaking and replacing a block within your claims should be enough.
  • Animals inside a claim are protected from harm by players without trust.
  • If you somehow manage to get stuck in another players claim, /trapped will attempt to find a suitable spot outside the claim to teleport you to. If the claimborders are too far away, or the plugin doesn't find a safe spot, don't panick. Please use the forum to ask for a Junior/senior to tp you out.
  • Griefprevention also protects your death drops so other players can't loot you for your inventory. Your death drops will be protected for 5 minutes unless you log out, which will stop the protection. Dying again before picking up your first drops will unlock the protection on the previous drops.
    Death drops are protected from fire, lava or being picked up by other players unless you do /unlockdrops.
  • PVP is disabled in claims.

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