How do I find the nearest region pole?

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Region Poles are centered in regions. These regions are 400x400 blocks big in X and Z coördinates, and thus around 200 blocks outwards from the pole.
That means that if you start walking in 1 straight direction for 200 blocks, you will be at the borders between 2 regions, if you then walk 200 blocks further, you will walk into the neighbouring regions pole.

Region Poles start at (200,200), (200,-200), (-200,200), (-200,-200). Add to this that there's around 400 blocks distance between 2 poles there's a simple equation to find region poles when you are lost in a region.

All you need to do is find the nearest multiple of 400 to your X and Z coördinates and then add or subtract 200.

example: from x: 764 z: 1348 , the nearest region pole will be x: 800-200= 600 and z: 1200-200= 1400

Coordfinder, developed by ConsumerJunk

If you don't like math, we have an easy solution. Just fill in your coordinates in the following weblink and it will calculate the nearest pole for you.

*The Resource world does NOT have region poles, Please remember to write down the coords to the warp pad or to not wander off too far.
If you do end up getting lost in the resource world, please don't spam. Just kindly ask in chat if someone wants to send you the coords back, or file a teleport request on the forum so a junior or senior can get you back to the overworld.