Everything you need to know about AFK!

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This is a post from the old forum, but since new players might never have seen this and older players might have "forgotten", let me refresh your memories;


AFK= Away From Keyboard
Since your keyboard is generally hooked up to your computer setup, it is safe to assume you will temporarily be unable to be active ingame.

When you play on the server and move around you will see mobs move, wheat grow, water flow, grassblocks spreading out to dirtblocks, etc. All these actions are processes that use CPU, but standing still (AFK) doesn't stop these mobs from moving, or blocks to update.
-Being afk in game can be compared to occupying a restaurant table without ordering food. You will cause the restaurant to loose money because they can't use your table for paying customers. This might not seem like a big deal when the restaurant still has available tables, but the more people want to eat, the more your presence is a nuissance for the other diners, as well as the restaurant staff.

To prevent players from wasting resources and causing lag, we work with an idle-timer. This detects when a player is inactive, counts down 15 minutes and then proceeds to kick you from the game to free up resources for other players.


These are any type of farm that allows a player to bypass the idle-timer by tricking it to think that you are still active, even if you're not.
The most commonly known example of these farms is a Fish-farm which relies on the right-click spamming of a fishing rod. Other farms can be single block cropfarms whith a villager where you right-click the crop with bonemeal, cobble farms where you spam left-click to break a block of cobble every time the farm generates one, ...

On top of just loading chunks, the farms themselves also take up resources:
  • Chunks: all operative farms within the radius of loaded chunks will add to the lag.
  • Farms: even though plenty of farms can be simplified, some players create absolute monsters.
What can you do?

- You can log off; just because you're offline while you sleep, go to school, of go to a store doesn't mean the server will forget about you.
- You can stand still; in this case the idle-timer will start it's 15 minute clock. If you just want to grab some food or use your restroom, this will allow you to stay ingame so you can catch up with chat when you're back and will just kick you when you lose track of time to save up resources.
- you are allowed to use a fishfarm:
  • When you find it easier to fish instead of the regular way but stay near your computer (to watch netflix on a second/split screen, to talk in chat with your friend,...) and keep an eye on chat
  • IF you don't exceed a 15 minute period!! It is up to the players to time this themselves!! Using fishfarms for a period longer than 15 minutes will be considered bypassing of the idle timer!
What can the server do?
Juniors and seniors have the right to test your activity and punish problematic AFK-ers;
  1. We will first try to communicate in chat if we think you might be inactive (suspicions may rise if players try to ask/tell you something and get no reaction). This can be in whispers, general chat, or broadcasts.
    Since players can turn off chat or use F1 to clear their screen, this test is only conclusive when the suspect answers.
  2. We can:
    • shuffle your afk-tool (ex:swapping a fishing rod with another item in your inventory)
    • bump you away from your farm or even send you to another region to see if you notice the change in scenery and move back to your farm.
    • splash potions of any kind to see if you notice.
    • spawn a mob that will slowly damage you like a silverfish, endermite, zombie, .. that will inflict minor damage that can easily be countered if you have a quick response time, but will prove fatal if you're afk.
  3. kick you from the server with an official warning

you do NOT afk at public farms!! As the name suggests, they are PUBLIC and should be available for other players if not acvitely used. It's up to you to let others know that you're actively using a public farm and players have the right to take loot from public farms if they reach out in chat and get no response.

If we find that you are using a unnessecary laggy version of a farm that has known alternatives that are less laggy we reserve the right to disable laggy parts.
The use of bugs/mods to bypass the AFK-kick is NOT allowed. Doing so may result in a kick with official warning, jailtime or even bans.
The use of auto-relog mods will result in a ban (as kicking is useless in this situation)
Excessive AFK-ing will result in jailtime and/or ban. -> Other players should be able to play on this server and in this community and not suffer the lag from players that don't care to play.