How do i teleport?

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Imagine regionpoles as small airports. Every region has a Region Pole in it's center which allows you to easily travel from region to region with simple commands. To be able to use the Region Pole you have to be close enough to it. You can use the stone platform underneath the Pole as a reference.
The sign on top of the Region pole will either show the name of the region or Wilderness. If it has a name you can find it in the /regionlist.

/randomregion will teleport you to a random region in the region list.
/visit <region> will teleport you to the region you specified.

/movein will set the nearest regionpole as your home pole and /home will teleport you there from other Region Poles.
Make sure to use this if you choose to leave your region unnamed!

What does the previously mentioned "Wilderness" mean?
While lots of Wilderness regions may be unclaimed, this is NOT a given. Some players opt for their region NOT to be named for the simple reason they don't want players being able to teleport to their region. This however does not prevent players from walking in while exploring.

If you choose to keep your region unnamed you can /invite <player> so the specified player is allowed to /visit <mayor> (mayor being the owner of the region).

But, how do i get to a Wildnerness region?
The middle block of every Region Pole has 4 signs, each pointing to a direction and with either the name of the neighbouring region in that direction, or Wilderness.
You can walk to a Wilderness region from any Region Pole, provided that it's next to one. If you're walking and don't know if you're already in Wilderness, you can /whichregion.