How to Install Optifine in 1.13

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Optifine, a program based on improving performance and adding more visual features to your game. Optifine can be very useful for users who have low end PC's that can't play Minecraft very well. This is a easy, quick tutorial on how to install it.

First, go to and look through which version you want to install. Make sure that your download of optifine is the same version of your Minecraft game.

Second, click on your optifine download and then click on 'install'.

Third, click on your Minecraft launcher then look down where it says 'play' and click on the arrow next to it. Look for your optifine version. Click on it and press play.

Enjoy! - Themoddedguy
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Hello and thanks for sharing.
However, in the link you provided, there are stable versions only up to 1.12.2
The only 1.13.1 versions, I managed to find are some beta and pre-releases under the "Preview Versions".

To these files you are refering, or I'm missing something?

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I haven't had a problem with the beta 1.13 Optifine versions. They say it's a risk, but that's maybe if you're gonna do some things that're not supposed to happen in Minecraft.
I do play on the server...
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