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In Season 2, Blockhermit's economy was mostly based on Rhines, the currency that we have on the server. After the 1.13 update and server reset, almost all transactions moved to Diamonds, because SignShop wasn't updated. Now, one of our Seniors has updated the old code, and we have it once again.

In this post, I will give a short tutorial, provide links to some video tutorials, and advocate for the use of Rhines.

How do SignShops work?
SignShops will typically come in 2 types: Buy signs and Sell signs. When you approach a SignShop, you will see wither [buy] or [sell] on the top of the sign, in blue or red. If it is blue, it is in stock, if red, it is out of stock. A sign's layout will look like this:


If you punch the sign, it will confirm what amount of what item(s) it is for. It is recommended to do this so you aren't scammed, as players can technically put whatever they'd like on the 2nd and 3rd lines of the sign. If you right-click the sign, it will take the funds out of your account and place the item(s) in your inventory, or vice versa in the case of a sell sign. Items can be sold for free!

For players, there are also [Trade] and [Device] signs, which instead use 2 items or activate a lever, door, button, etc, respectively. There are many signs which only admins can create, ones that will likely be seen on the server include iBuy or iSell signs, which are shops with an infinite supply.

How do I make a shop?
To make a shop, you should start by placing a sign anywhere. It does not have to be on the chest with the goods, so you can hide them away! On the sign, write the following:

{buy/sell/trade/device} -you can use any of the following pairs: < >, [ ], { }, ( )
item name

Confirm the sign, then put the number of items that you are selling or buying (the number on line three) in your source chest. Punch the chest (or device) with a piece of Redstone dust- this will save the contents. Then, go to the Sign, and punch it with Redstone dust. If you succeeded in setting it up, the [Buy] should turn blue. You have successfully set up a SignShop! Remember, a [Buy] sign means the user is buying the item from the shop owner, and a [Sell] sign means the user is selling their item to the shop owner. Additionally, you can sell multiple items with one sign, and you can link one sign to multiple chests, and one chest to multiple signs.

More details about the sign types and useages are here:

You're bad at explaining things, do you have any links to video tutorials?

Why should I use SignShops and Rhines?
SignShops are uber convenient- easy to set up and useable when the owner is offline.
Rhines are easy to use, always on you, payable in chat and on SignShops. They don't take any inventory space, so you don't have to lug diamonds around to pay for stuff. It also lowers inflation, giving all players more bang for their buck!
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