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Reply to this topic with your region name, what kind of farm, and how to get to it.
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Shard- guardian farm(xp+drops)

Drop down the trapdoor in the prismarine structure in front of the region pole and follow the ice path.
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Public Blazefarm

Accessible through the nether portal found on the end of the path north from the region pole.
(so, north by the region pole, then into the prismarine/nether brick pergola, through the nether portal, and then you'll find a decorative path towards the blazefarm.)


Raid farm-ish

Northwest of the Slums pole is a safe village you can go to with Bad Omen to spawn raids and kill them in a safe environment, without having to risk pillager grief in your own region (or others).
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Public Creeper Farm

It is at roughly -1327 / -3524

Detailed instructions on how to get to it from the Region Pole:

Generally, the farm is situated in the North of Woodpine. From the Region Pole, an island should be just about visible, head towards it. Eventually, you'll load a second island, with a very shallow sea (technically "beach") between them. Continuing through the "beach" you should see the Farm on a little man-made island.


The Farm ON/OFF sign is used for turning the Farm ON or OFF. It is suggested that you not mess with that.
XP Mode is the mode where some pistons extend that way the creepers don't die and you can kill them. To get into position to do so, just crouch and go as far forward as you can. Mind that being blown up is entirely possible if you are not correctly into place. If you've switched to Drop Mode but there is XP caught in the hoppers, quickly switch modes twice, the XP should be freed.

The Chest with an Item Frame that has Gunpowder is for the Loot. That is where you are meant to get the Gunpowder from.
The Chest with an Item Frame inside an Item Frame is for anything else. Do not worry if you've accidentally thrown your sword whilst in XP Mode, you can get it back soon after from its special Chest.

Enjoy the Farm! - Tasos
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region: zanarkand

farms: gold, iron

to get to the gold farm just go to the left from the pole. you'll see the portals. Can afk or get some xp and a little extra gold. There are turtle eggs above luring the pigmen, no input needed if you wanna afk

the iron farm will be to your right past the beacon and bamboo, and there will be another one right behind you. Theres a chest on the ground and a chest in the air connected to hoppers

Throw your poppies into the chest+composter by the bigger iron farm if you want some bonemeal

theres also a creeper/spider wither rose farm for now (soon to be patched) right next to the iron farm, entrance is by the redstone of my flower farm (straight ahead if you're looking at the glass of the ironfarm from the chest)
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Location:/visit soil1


First type near a pole (/visit soil1) then look for the big stone building then read the signs.
You can also request farms if you use my discord (at soil1 you can get my discord).
Please do not enter mine or Bluewaves base thank you :D.

If there are any problems with your request tell me.

Enjoy the free food and request any farm you would like :D
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=-=-= Kento =-=-=

Creeper farm - Drops only

How to get there:
Once you arrive in Kento, there are 2 signs that will lead you in the correct direction (You can also look at the map). Once you arrive at the village, you should see a very large rectangular prism made of sandstone (it's very hard to miss). There is a door on the ground floor for people on foot, and there is a green and blue landing pad on the roof for anyone with wings (there are hay bales underneath to reduce damage). Instructions on how to use the farm are inside.

If someone is using the farm, please don't take the gunpowder from the chest. You may also get a few pieces of other mob loot, as I'm not sure where they're spawning so I can't really fix that.

Enjoy!! :)
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currently has one public iron farm, more soon to open.

once at the pole, head north along to spruce and cobblestone path until you see the ocean monument, just jumped down into it, (don't worry you won't die there is resistance II) once at the entrance to the inside, the free iron farm is in the back left corner, you can also follow the sea lanterns once inside the ocean monument
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