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So I plan on starting a player run pricing committee so the prices in market dont change as much and will be holding an election for who will be in it because there is only 8 seats please make sure to reply to the post if your intrested in running.
Note these prices are not manditory just suggested.
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I like the idea. I don't mean to undermine your efforts when I remind players that any pricing guidelines set by any group will be non-binding. Meaning, please do not argue with, harass, or flame players who choose not to follow these guidelines. Players who set prices outside of what the majority see as acceptable will not receive punishment, but players who ridicule them will.
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Might be a good idea to have a guideline (not a solid rule in case some don't want to keep to it but still want to join the group) that, once we have enough people following the price ranges, those people get something like the map the enchanters guild have but for this initiative and that people who also joined the group try to just buy their stuff at those shops.
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