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Since Fuzzy asked, daphlipan and I have talked a bit about taking a new resident in gorge1. Some people who were active before have become more inactive, leaving some room for a new resident. Our region is pretty packed in terms of great builds, but we do have one place that needs to be renovated. A tall mountain, to the right of the dragon skeleton that’s west of the region pole. It used to be the home of IMA_ROBOBOT but these days the mountain is empty, and the house on top of it still has some signs that somebody has recently moved out (a pretty ugly rail running down from the mountain, for example). We would like the new resident to make something cool on this mountain.

The endgoal of our region is to serve as some kind of adventure region, with stuff like treasure hunts and/or tournaments to take place in. This means all farms and technical buildings should be covered up or hidden underground, and that the outer layer of the build needs to look in place with the theme of the region (medieval, sometimes with fairytale elements mixed in).

Even though Fuzzy was the one to bring it up, multiple people have asked if they could live in gorge1, so we thought it fair to make it a small contest. Starting next Sunday (9th of august) some 11x11 plots in our region will be opened that people can showcase their ideas (and ability to make those ideas a reality) on. A week later (16th of august) the plots will be closed for building and all current residents of gorge1 together will decide who will be the new resident. If multiple good people emerge, we might even get multiple new residents.

If you want to apply, please react to this post with a message saying “I want to be gorge1ous” so we can note you down for a plot. If you’re too late with applying but there’s space left you’ll still be welcome to come build on one.

So that’s it: gorge1 is open for applications again, but with limited room. The applicants will build their ideas in some small plots, and a new resident will be picked from those applications. If there are any questions, feel free to ask them here or on the gorge1 channel in the unofficial BH-discord, where this announcement will also be posted. Some of this might be subject to change if you point out something that’s unclear or unfair, or if we decide that it should be different for other reasons.
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