the server shut down? I didn't know...

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The only reason I checked this forum was to see what this server was doing about 1.17, and it was then I found out the unfortunate news. Idk if anyone is still reading this forum 2/3s of a month after the server shut down, but I guess I'll offer my goodbye.

Although I didn't play much on this server once 1.13 came out, I still have plenty of memories from before then. Getting rich, dying and losing my elytra 10 times over, xray hacking, the old forum before this one, in fact I think i still have the old forum on my bookmarks still lol.

All of the people playing on this server were (for the most part) great people, all talented at either building, redstone, or both. Everyone was incredibly helpful and respectful, something that was a nice contrast to the other servers I played on like Hypixel and MunchyMC (is talking about other servers still against the rules?)

It is quite sad that this server shut down, but I do understand the tough situation the owner was put in and, considering the circumstances, I think it was the right decision for her. I hope everyone who played this server brings the energy they had to whatever other servers they join :D
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