Halloween Build Off! (Submissions due Oct. 30th)

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Minecraft Name: Tiberaus


This year we'll be celebrating Halloween a bit differently: With a Trick-o-Treat Haunted House Build-Off! Participants will have until Friday, October 30th at 11:59 pm UTC-7 to reply with their submission that follows these requirements:
  • Include the following: A title for your build, your Minecraft username, the region and coordinates, and at least one photo of your build (image tutorial).
  • Your build must fit the theme "Haunted House". You don't necessarily need to build the stereotypical haunted mansion- it just needs to be some sort of living quarters that appears to be haunted.
  • Your build needs to have a doorbell that, when rung, will dispense some candy/food or small gift. Permissions need to be set up correctly so any player can ring the doorbell.
  • Your build's footprint must be no larger than 16 by 16 blocks and no taller than 32 blocks.
Example Submission:
"Grelar's Shop" - Tiberaus
Region <Region Name>
Coordinates X:1234 Z:-5678


Additional Notes:
  • Submissions are one per person.
  • Submissions must be new builds. You may not submit a pre-existing build.
  • It is recommended you add a cooldown so one player can't steal all the candy.
  • The last day to reply with your submission is Friday, October 30th at 11:59 pm UTC-7. Players will be able to vote for their favorite build on Halloween (Oct. 31st).
  • First prize is one Mending/Infinity bow. The 1st and 2nd runner-ups will receive a special sword.
Do Not Post Questions Here. This Thread Is For Submissions Only.
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Minecraft Name: daphlipan

Hello Everyone,

time to get a first submission to get contest, here is mine:

Name of the build: The Executioner's Warehouse
Name of the builder: daphlipan
Region that contains the build: gorge1
Description how to get there: /visit gorge1 -> then go straight north
Coordinates of the build: -585 / 78 / 955

Story of the build: Find out yourself ;) Best way to do that is by starting in the house and walk into the last room (prison cell)

  • Footprint of the build itself is 14x15. An overhanging roof on all sides makes it 16x17 (i can tear down one row if you really want me to do that...)
  • The build of course is not free standing, it is worked into the surrounding which is a must-do for me if you want us to build it in our own regions. That is why it may seem even a little bit larger than 16x17 (if you count bushes and pathways :roll: )
  • Feel free to explore the entire build there are lots of hidden features!!!
  • If it happens that you face enderman pls dont kill them, they are probably named.
  • If any signshop wont work please let me know, TY!
Don't forget to throw Jack'0 Lanterns that you dont need onto the soul sand next to the guillotine. Dont throw anything else in there. TY!

Ringing the doorbell (via button) will dispense Candy, feel free to take as much as you want :)

Finally here a picture to the build:
https://discord.com/channels/1601661132 ... 0306009108
If you wonder why it's on DC and not on imgur it is because i don't want to create a imgur account.

Have fun exploring!

-Cheers, Daph
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Minecraft Name: Captain_Swaggins

Hope you all like creepy.

Title: 341 Spleef Blvd
Username: CaptainSwaggins
Region: Swagistan
Coordinates: x: 120, z: -3377

The treat dispensor is hidden somewhere inside the build to give the players the full effect of the house. Message me on discord or in-game if this is an issue.
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Minecraft Name: _TheWinterSpirit

Title: Abode de Thomas Wilson
IGN: _TheWinterSpirit
Region: Norradin
Coordinates: x: 540 z: 63 y: 3555

Note: if doorbell doesn't dispense when rung, come back at a later time!
If images are not showing up use this link instead: https://imgur.com/a/W0dZzlG
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Minecraft Name: Pairodox

Title: Zombie Pairo's Bootleg Mansion
Player: Pairodox
Region: Wolfgrove
Coordinates: 1733, 71 3808

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Minecraft Name: Captn_Flashheart

Title: Little Hut Thing
Player: Captn_Flashheart
Region: Newtown
Coordinates: -145, -119

Note: I didnt have much time so I didn't get a chance to claim it and no time for a picture.
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