General Discussion Rules

You can talk about anything here.
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The General Discussion Forum is for general discussion that does not belong in any other forums.


  • Be polite! - Whatever the situation, any person deserves respect. Positive and polite posts are ways to create a friendly environment everyone can enjoy.
  • Think your posts through! - Posts that are not well thought out and posts that have bad grammar can easily confuse others as well as clutter up the boards. You don't have to be an oxford dictionary when it comes to spelling and you certainly don't have to be a certified English teacher, but getting your posts written in a way that makes it easy for everyone to read really helps!
  • No duplicate posts, please! - Please have a quick look through the forums before creating a thread that someone else has already addressed. If it is locked, you may post a thread on that topic.
  • Please edit your replies if you need to post again! - We are generally lenient on this one, but please edit your replies to add in whatever else you need to add in instead of creating another reply. Again, this helps to keep the forum clutter free.
  • No profanity! - As our server caters also to a younger audience, we want to create a friendly environment outside the game too. Please refrain from using profanity to keep everything a bit more positive.
  • No provoking/no flaming - Please be polite! If you have an issue with a person, please either settle it with a private message or settle it in /tell in game on the server.
  • No advertising of other servers - Please do not advertise your realms or servers on the forums or on the server. This may result in bans from forums and server with a low chance for appeal.
  • Threads should be created with conversations in mind - This isn't facebook or instagram. Posting a thread means you are genuinely looking for replies from fellow players. Please create a thread only if is with intents of becoming a conversation.