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Here is some more info about the dungeons in region 'Dungeon'.

The dungeon is a place where players can go to fight mobs, alone or with friends. You can bring whatever you want in your inventory, but if you lose it, we won't recover it for you. Of course, you can try to get them back.
Some gates require you to hold a key. Make sure you keep these keys stored in your ender chest. You can set your spawnpoint after you go through the gate by pressing a button too.

There are currently five levels, each with their own 'boss mob' that drops the key to the next level. So killing the boss from level 1 gives you a key that you need in order to enter level 2, and so on.
To spawn the boss, you first need to kill some mobs found in the level itself. The spawners I set up spawn unique mobs that drop special items when they die. You can trade these items with a vex called 'Soul Vex' for a boss item (the item used to spawn the boss). You simply throw the item in the water pit found in the boss room and the boss will spawn.

The spawners don't work if there are around 10 or more players online because of automatic lag reduction. Make sure when you're about to start a boss fight for example, to check the amount of players online. It's a shame if you die because of 'lag' ;)

The rewards for completing levels can be found in the shop near the entrance. Collector card F can be found there too!

If you encounter any problems at all, please let us know.
Hope you enjoy! :mrgreen:
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