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This post contains all the information about the collector cards found on BlockHermit.
These cards are special items (maps) players can collect. Some can only be found during events, others are hidden around the server all years long. Some are easy to get, others require a lot of work before you can get them. It's different for each card.

Event cards have a yellow border and typically require you to do a little quest. Collecting all of them in one go is hard since the event cards are only obtainable when a certain event is active.
Hidden cards have a sparkly border and can be found around the map. The image shown on the card might give you a clue where to look. These cards are always obtainable, but don't spoil the fun for others! Telling everyone where to find the card will make it less rare. Keeping the secret is smart if you want to show off with your collection ;)
Dungeon cards are cards with a red border that can only be acquired after defeating bosses in the dungeons. The card can be upgraded each time you complete a level. This means you need rank 1 to get rank 2, rank 2 to get rank 3 and so on. A player can only have one of these cards at the same time. You can look at the different ranks in the picture below.

Ideas for the future:
Crafting cards are cards that would require you to craft/gather items and trade it. For example, in 1.14 we could make a villager that trades emerald blocks for a card. This could enforce players to make farms or items they usually wouldn't make. If we really want to go crazy, we can even add custom recipes using data packs.

If you have other ideas for cards and how to get them, please let us know! Since new players are most likely not very interested in them, we could make some of them late game oriented.

Current list of cards:
A. Christmas 2018. Reward for completing the maze. (Very rare since event was never released but it will be obtainable next Christmas again!)
B. Easter 2019. Reward for 'catching' Floopy and finding the red egg.
C. BlockHermit's Birthday 2019. Reward for making a birthday cake.
D end.
E. 1.14 Update. Found in a Pillager Outpost on the event square in Central.
F. Dungeons.

The current full collection can be found here and in the gallery in Central:

A player can only have one of these cards at the same time.

Suggestions or questions? Please share them with us!
- Wout

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