How seniors handle X-Ray

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The reason we dont discuss how we conclude a player is X-Raying is because if they know the method, they know how to skate around being caught. However, with recent suspicions that seniors are abusing players by accusing them of X-Ray, I will explain some of the process.

1. Not all seniors are shown online.
We have access to the server without getting on the game. We can see where you are, and what you are doing without being in game. So yes, if you see that you received a warning or ban while you havent seen any seniors online, this may be why.

2. Not all juniors are known.
Some of the juniors stay anonymous. They mostly play like any of you or us but have access to the notifications that someone is hitting many veins of diamonds in a short period of time.

3. We get notified of suspicious mining by the server itself.
The server notifies us of consecutive vein hits (not ore hits). We also have access remotely to the lighting information but even if the light level is high, consecutive ore hits will still send us notifications. This does not mean we immediately ban based on that. This means you are put on alert to all seniors and juniors that you've been making notifications go off repeatedly. We will monitor your mining sessions current, past, and whatever you do in the future until someone says you've been mining legitimately.

4. We track you.
We have the ability to spectate through your eyes. We can see if you look at nothing but stone in the corner of nowhere and start bee lining to the nearest diamond after avoiding the little pool of lava that would have been in your path.

5. We place bait.
We have a bit of fun with this one. We spell out XRAY in diamond ores a bit off in the distance from where a suspected Xrayer is mining. Most usually off to their side so they wont just run into it and claim it was while they were digging straight. Most of the time, the suspect mines out the entire XRAY without realizing it spelled anything out. The way the letters are, you really do need xray to be able to mine all the letters. We sometimes place 2x2 ores of diamonds and then place a 2x2 pool of lava. When we see players digging to the ores around the lava, we change the diamonds to coal. Players often stop and do a 180 before they even expose the coal.

Most of the xrayers are incredibly obvious. Some of them try to be very slick. We have run this server 6 years now and have yet to run into an xrayer who has done anything new.

Please note that when we ban xrayers, it is AFTER a few days of tracking them unless the xray is incredibly obvious.

If you still suspect that you were banned wrongly despite the steps we have taken, please feel free to submit an appeal in the ban appeal section of the forum.

I hope that this sheds a bit of light onto our process and makes our handling of situations a bit more translucent and trustworthy to you, the players.