1.12 BlockHermit Map Download

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The download for our 1.12 BlockHermit Map is now available!

Please note that the download is directly from the website itself and can take awhile to download. The file is 2.7GB and includes a region map, the file for single player, and a readme text to explain how to get the map to function on your game.

The map is provided fully vanilla. You cannot visit regions, you cannot check your rhines, you cannot check or alter claims. None of these functions exist.

The files have been compressed into a RAR archive. If you do not have winRAR, we suggest you obtain the software. It is available online.

We also recommend you read through the entire README.txt before playing the map.

All player information has been erased from the map. This means your inventory, where you logged off, your enderchests, and all achievements have been wiped in this download.

Because of the size of the file, we have linked it through ad.fly. We request you please do not bypass the ad.fly and skip the ad after the recommended wait.

1_12mapBlockHermitSSP.rar(2.75GB file download)