World Reset/New Map

Check here for all news and announcements in regards to the server and forum!
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1.13 is now released for everyone. Please note that certain features still do not work.

Many things have changed for the server. Newtown is now a homage town for the previous map and oldtown is a homage town to the first map. Central city (region: Central) is where everything will be. Admin farms, guardian farm, pigmen farms, information center, portals to resource world, spawn, eventual end portal, event square, etc.

Guardian farm can be found in the indoor water park North of Central Region Pole.
Zombie Pigmen farm can be found in Resource Center found North of Central Region Pole.
Resource World portal can be found in Newtown for familiarity as well as East of Central Region Pole.
The Ark can be found also in Newtown for familiarity as well as East of Central Region Pole.
Information Center will update with information on what buildings receive updates.
The End Portal can be found inside the Cathedral found North of the Central Region Pole.

The ark and resource world portals do not currently work so they can be accessed using a warp sign. Simply right click on the warp sign to be taken to the location.

The end is not released and will not be released for awhile after the reset. The server will hold an event server-wide to slay the end dragon together.

Regions "NorthTown", "EastTown", and "SouthTown" are all new player regions. We ask that returning players do not take up this region.

Please note that as we acclimate to the new map, we are sure to be flooded with requests. In turn, it will take us some time to respond to these requests. Your region mayor applications and the like may take awhile to be redeemed.
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