1.16 Map Download

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We haven't even put the server to a full day of rest before we offered the map for download.

Please note that this is through my own personal google drive and google doesn't always put limits on file sharing, but you may be met with "Download quota exceeded". If you do, try again another day.

The file is 2.54GB to download. Included is the map in vanilla format, a PDF of known regions and their coordinates, and a readme to help you get the map up and running on your client. Cobbett has provided a "level.dat" that will allow you to have cheats enabled even without opening LAN mode, so download that and replace the "level.dat" that comes with the map you download and ignore what's in the README.

Click me to download BlockHermit map v.1.16(2.54GB)
Click me to download level.dat file to enable cheatmode

Additionally... Herobrine64's BlockHermit Cinematic Screenshots
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