What is the news for 1.16?

Check here for all news and announcements in regards to the server and forum!
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We are trying to update to 1.16!
This should happen in a matter of a few days. How many days? To be honest, we aren't entirely sure ourselves.

To keep you up to date, we're announcing what our plans are currently for the update, specifically immediate to the Nether.
  • We will be resetting the nether with a new nether seed.
  • The nether will temporarily be at the default 8:1 ratio to the overworld.
  • The nether roof will be kept inaccessible for the time being. Seniors and juniors are still discussing this matter!
  • We will be disabling block breaks by explosions.
  • We will be disabling claims in the nether temporarily.
  • We are encouraging players to please make sure their items are retrieved from the nether if they are currently storing anything of value in the nether.
Why we are making the decisions that we are
Why are we using a new nether world?
We are using a new seed for the nether so that players have an equal opportunity to gather resources like everyone else. Everyone will be able to use the nether portal from their bases to an entirely untouched area in the nether to start.

Why is the 8:1 ratio temporary?
We plan on expanding the nether to a direct 1:1 ratio to ensure all players have decent access to the resources provided by the nether. This is also why we are moving forward with temporarily treating the new nether as a resource world until we are able to upgrade it to the 1:1 ratio map. This is also partly why we are disabling claims.

Why disable explosions?
We understand this isn't very vanilla; and while we don't want to take away the vanilla experience from you, we also do need to set non-vanilla standards to ensure our CPU usage is kept stable. Currently, we have found that players do not get an advantage to netherite from explosions as opposed to regular mining, so we do want players to note that we aren't nerfing your ability acquire netherite.

Nether roof explanation:
The seniors and juniors have done quite a bit of testing to check what is and isn't vanilla. Our server has always had the rule of not using exploits. If the game doesn't intend for it to be a feature, we don't want to see it on the server. TNT duping, piston xray, flying machines, nether roof access are all examples of this. As of recent changes in vanilla, you CANNOT access the nether roof without a glitch exploit. Despite the fact that the portals are now checking for portals vertically, they do not check beyond y:128. This means that without exploiting glitches, you cannot access the nether roof.
Our server has seen many back and forths with the nether roof for quite some time. But each time access to the roof was granted, we were struck with some heavy CPU usage and lots of entity issues. We are still discussing the possibility of allowing nether roof access, but at least for now, we find that it is best for the health of the server in its functionality to restrict access.
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Update is very close to happening now, so last chance to make sure you remove any items you've got in the nether.

The new nether will be resource only world for a short while, the portals will be in Central.
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