Market Grand Opening this WEEKEND

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Region market has been in development even before we finalized the current map nearly two years ago. Since then, we've had issues with attaining a working shop plugin and have tested various ones hoping for a working plugin. Thanks to lieuwe_berg who has updated the signshop plugin to be compatible with the current list of blocks and Minecraft version, we now have a working edition of signshops!

We will have the grand opening this weekend. We are hoping to allow players to build in their plots in Market on Friday 08 May 2020. Players can currently make requests for plots starting now. For the sake of the grand opening, you will not be able to build in your plot until Friday.

While the market region is in its infancy, we will be opening the region up in rings. So for the grand opening, we will only be opening the inner ring. We understand this means you do not have access to request the biggest plots but hope that this allows players and seniors/juniors alike to get a better understanding of how this system will work in the long run.

As with anything else, we will be rejecting any application where the applicant has evidently not read through the READ BEFORE YOU POST, so please make sure you read it through thoroughly!


Also, don't forget! Next week, our server turns 7 years old!!! Keep an eye out for updates to our coming anniversary event!