The END + Ender Dragon Fight.

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Dear players.
As you may know, the opening of the END and the planning of the ender dragon fight has been on our minds for a while but this wait is over :)

The fight will happen on Saturday, the 15th of December at
- 1.30 pm (13.30) EST, American time/ 7.30 pm (19.30) CET for Europe
We expect players to be online between 1pm and 1.20pm EST / 7pm and 7.20pm for logistics (inventory check, teleporting, etc...)
The last 10 minutes before the start players can set spawns and Fight Moderators can do a last check-up to see if everything is ok to start.

*Even if you're signed up; No show=No play! We will NOT delay the fight for latecomers.

Players who have signed up can gather in the Cathedral, North of the Central region pole.

To participate in the fight:
Players who want to participate will have to sign up. This way we can track the numbers of players that want to fight, and can prevent people from "accidentally" walking in and getting killed because they just want to watch, or keep out players that have no intention of actually fighting but rather want to snatch up on goodies and let other players do the dirty work, or even go out to go elytrahunting.

-ALL types of armor and meelee weapons are allowed (does NOT include tridents). Just keep in mind that the more powered your gear is, the sooner the fight will be over.
- Participants will be granted a special, custom bow, provided by the seniors, do NOT bring your own!

- NO pvp allowed!! Breaking this rule will get you disqualified!
- Do NOT bring an elytra. The use of elytra is disabled in the end!
- No potions or Tridents allowed.
- NO bringing bottles for Dragons breath! Not everyone might like players getting the way, trying to snatch dragons breath while they're actually trying to fight the dragon.

Participants will be rewarded with an amount of dragons breath bottles (specific amount still has to be set by the seniors/juniors)
Participants will be granted the "killing the dragon" and "holding the egg" advancements through commands if they so desire.
- Since we'll be fighting the dragon as a group, chances are only 1 person will get the dragon kill advancement through the game.
- Holding the egg will be impossible since the portal is protected and the egg will immediately be handled by Hayan personally.

Seniors reserve the right to remove items from your inventory that you are NOT allowed to bring (make sure to read the rules ^)
Players are responsible for what they bring. Lost items are NOT refunded.
Players are responsible for setting their spawnpoint!! Beds are available and Fight moderators will NOT tp players back to the END if they die and the portal will stay closed during the fight.

Official End Opening

The official opening of the end for the public will be after the fight, so keep an ear out for the obnoxious dragon death screech or on discord where we will announce it's death.

The use of elytra in the end is disabled to give each player an equal chance of finding one.
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