Region Reset?

If you've run into a glitch or server error, please let us know here.
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I last played in January because I have been very busy. I came on today to find all of my things either poorly World reset or grieved. everything i have made on this server is destroyed! The worst thing is I had just purchased the region name for and became the mayor of bork It was bad timing for me because I had work and school even though i was exited to work with people and make the region fun. now the entire region is ruined, grieved or destroyed by world edit. just to get the region back to a normal generated region would take months of work.

It looks like what happens when a player is inactive for 6 months, the water glitches and ugly land are tell tale signs that it was probably done automatically. I have been gone for a while but not 6 months! why did this happen and how can it be undone? I want my Region back! someone named Tarzan_Scout has claimed it!

Apparently the last time I played was 61 days ago but it doesn't seem like Tarzan scout could build all of what he has in one day so this must have happened a while ago. Please help!
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It was 65 days unfortunately. It has always been 60 days.

Most things were regenned. There was a conduit left and it had been taken, but I recovered it and put it in your enderchest.
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