If you've run into a glitch or server error, please let us know here.
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This section of the forums is where you report any glitches and/or server errors. This section of the forum is open for anyone to view, so please be mindful of what you are posting.

When posting a topic, please keep in mind that seniors and juniors are not omniscient and cannot magically know details without you providing them. When you post your server errors or glitches, please try your best to answer the 5 W's.
  • WHO does your report affect?
  • WHAT is your report in regards to?
  • WHERE did this incident happen?
  • WHEN did this incident happen?
  • WHY do you think this may have happened? Do you know how to replicate the situation?
Please feel free to bump your posts after 24 hours if it has not been answered.
Please do not reply to others' reports and engage in discussion. This dilutes the post and renders us unable to help. Discussions should be done in General Discussion.