Piglins vanishing

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I died at 227 58 1084 due to flying into a wall after running away from piglins.
The piglins proceeded to take my tools and armor, and then vanish. The only reason i know my stuff didn't despawn was because i had a friend nearby and they grabbed my armor for me. I proceeded to lose an entire shulker box full of non valuables except 65 debris, pigstep and some quartz. and all my tools: sword, 2 pickaxes, shovel, axe and my hoe. We do not know why the piglins dissapeared but they were all gone when I got back to the bastion, and my friend confirmed them disappearing .
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Gonna chime in here: I was said friend. We were trying to catch some brutes for our project. This is also the main reason we didn't think they just despawned, it was the second bastion that it happened. We'd earlier hit another bastion, caught like 3 out of the 9 brutes there, then when we turned around all piglins, including brutes, were gone. On the occasion Etsu lost their stuff I went there to retrieve it, but I had to flee from a crowd of about 8 piglins, two of which i was certain were brutes. After catching one of the brutes and killing the piglins that had followed me all the way to get the ely and armor back, I went back to get the items, only to see that all piglins that were there had disappeared.
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We will settle this in-game.
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