Market Permission Bypass

If you've run into a glitch or server error, please let us know here.
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As Hayan had mentioned in a request of mine, the Market doesn't use the griefprevention plugin. So I thought to myself after a couple of days: "What if..."
I got a piston and any block and tried to push it outside my market plot. Mission successful, the block is out, in an area I'm not meant to be able to put stuff (nor break anything). Laya and GodRobin are, as far as I know, the 2 witnesses of the event (with Laya having said she reported it to the seniors). I've found more on that though since then.

I thought to myself earlier today: "Wouldn't it be cool if I could deliver a gold block to Najyk's plot on the other side of the road?"
So I immediately started experimenting and after finally reaching just outside the plot, it failed. No matter what I tried I could not get a block inside the plot. I tried it with Kolas' plot too, there being only a 1 block gap between our plots, but to no avail. Blocks, from the looks of it, can only exit plots, not enter them.

WHO does your report affect? Everyone owning a market plot (can use the bug) and anyone else (road is public property-ish)
WHAT is your report in regards to? You can push blocks outside your market plot (but not inside other plots)
WHERE did this incident happen? Region Market (probably in every region using this type of permissions)
WHEN did this incident happen? Today and yesterday (but it has probably always been that way)
WHY do you think this may have happened? Do you know how to replicate the situation? Yes, just push, with a piston, a block outside a market plot.
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Thanks for reporting. We've been made aware of this issue, and we'll reply here when we have a solution.

Until then we remind players not to abuse glitches. In addition to making use of their entire market plot, players are expected not to extend their builds past the boarder of their plot.
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Heya! I may have found another similar instance of this, in terms of being able to place blocks outside of your designated area in market. When I was using some bonemeal to brighten up the area around my shop in the middle ring on 17/6/20, I noticed that the bonemeal seemed to create short grass outside my plot, and which therefore could not be broken by me. Just thought I might mention this, and hope it is helpful.
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I also want to add that flowing water can go outside of plots and destroy decorations from others, luckily it was a friends plot and was fixed without a problem
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