Llamas for Steven980702

Apply to be mayor to your region here!
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Minecraft Name: Steven980702

I would like to apply for mayorship for a personal region.
The coordinates of the region pole are X:-2999, Y:76, Z:-1399.
My total claimblocks are 46452 and have 6566 left.

I had been playing for 519 hours and for nearly 4-5 months.
I moved all my stuff from Origin to here, demolished my mall over there and building a new mall in this region.
I purchased a voucher and have it in my inventory. I would like the name of my region to be "Altissia".
Thank you.
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Minecraft Name: HayanTokki

Personal region has been granted. Your region has been named Altissia and the voucher has been removed from your inventory.

You also currently still have claims at (204, -63), (227, -203), (291, 15)
The first two claims are at origin. The last one is in Landfall but is approximate to Origin. If you unclaim, you get the claim blocks you spent from those claims back. You don't have to unclaim, just thought it should be knowledge you should be aware of.