Llamas for Herobrine64 [Acknowledged]

Apply to be mayor to your region here!
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Minecraft Name: Herobrine64

I’m Herobrine64, and I’m looking to be the mayor of the region at -600 104 200. It’s a wilderness region, and I want a generic name please. I have played in 1.13 for a few hours, and have 6.5k claim blocks total. I have read the READ BEFORE YOU POST.

EDIT: I think I goofed the cords.... lemme check.
Yes, I did. It’s -600, 104, 2200
Herobrine64 has joined the thread. Let the party begin.
(Seriously though, let’s party!)
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The region is entirely claimed by you. The region name is Hialoron.

You are at negative claims and cannot make anymore claims.

Please note that being trusted in other claims such as market plots will not affect your claim block count. Using /abandonclaim will entirely forfeit the entire region's claim, so please be aware of this.

And most importantly, please be careful of who you /trust. Seniors are unlikely to intervene if you, the mayor, trust the wrong person.
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