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I want to revive Pacifica and become mayor of the region.
Mr_Bacon_24 and Tom_GIllis are want to help build up the region. We want to set up public farms, shops, etc.
Currently, I builded already in wilderness (-1000 ; -600)
I have for the moment 5133 more blocks to claim.
Thanks in forward!
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REGIONS MUST BE DEVELOPED A BIT BEFORE YOU CAN CLAIM IT AS MAYOR. We want to see that players are investing their time into the region and that the region is not being taken up by a player who will quit playing after their first week. We want to see signs of living there. Buildings are a great way to give us an idea of your investment into that region.

Communal Region Mayor
A communal region is a region meant to be inhabited by a group of players. The land is kept open for other players to come and settle in and create their own claims. This makes it impossible to turn a communal region into a personal region.
When a player applies to be a mayor as a communal region mayor, a senior will check to see if there are builds enough to deem the area worthy of being used as a communal region. Mayors of communal regions will be able to apply for an eviction of members of their community. The process is for them to leave signs at the build of the evictee and with non-compliance of a week, can apply via forum to evict the player by force via seniors. Communal region residents may NOT mine in the region and MUST use the Resource World to gather resources including the mayor. Overworld farms do not apply


his application is denied but you may re-apply when you have developed it further. Do not make reference to your other region, not germane.
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