How to submit an Eviction Request (READ BEFORE YOU POST)

If you have a resident who is inactive and need a removal of their build, you can request it here.
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Mayors of a community region are able to petition for a resident in their region to be removed. Mayors reserve the right as mayor to be able to remove players for whatever reason they so choose. This being stated, the mayor must comply and meet specific criteria to petition a senior in aid in removing a resident from the region.

The petitioning player must be the mayor of their region.
If your mayorship is pending, please note that your petition is not valid until your mayorship has been acknowledged. This means you cannot evict players unless you've previously applied to become mayor to your region.

The petitioning player must have attempted to evict the player on their own.
We would like to see that the mayor has attempted to handle the matter on their own before asking us for help. This is best done by leaving a sign for the player at the claim in which you are trying to evict them from. If there is no response in 7 days, we can intervene and evict the player for you. This applies also for players who do not have permission to reside in your region. The earlier you catch them, the easier this will be to handle due to the circumventing proxy mentioned in the asterisk at the bottom.

The player being evicted must be non-responsive or uncooperative.
If you have left them a sign and it is taking them longer than it should take for them to remove themselves, then seniors can intervene in your stead. This also applies to players who have gone inactive. If a player is actively removing themselves, we will not intervene.

Mayor should be willing to see builds inside the claim also be removed if created by the evicted resident.
We will regenerate the land inside the claim of the player being evicted unless the builds within it are not created by the resident being evicted. This is to disable the ability for mayors to steal builds and resources they themselves did not invest time into creating.

If all criteria are met, please create a petition to evict a resident from your region with at LEAST the following information:
Coordinates of the claim(s) of the player being evicted.
If more than one claim, where the sign is that you placed requesting them to leave.
Basic short explanation as to why they are being removed from your region.

*Seniors may intervene if the criteria is not met dependent on if the claim is of any value. If there are no builds within the claim or the builds have no real value to them (ie: a dirt hut), seniors may evict even without the 7 day notice.