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by scifiguy7
15 Mar 2021, 16:08
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The server economy is dead
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Re: The server economy is kinda dead

I think TheOneSoldier's list and pricing is the right idea to help new players into the economy. It may also help us transfer to a Rhine based economy for more "basic" items. I'm sure there will probably always be a diamond trade for some items, though. There's just too much == shiny == factor. Has ...
by scifiguy7
14 Mar 2021, 22:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: A (potential) solution to help new players
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Re: A (potential) solution to help new players

Tiberaus wrote:
10 Mar 2021, 20:00
Just keep in mind, the longer a book is, the less likely people are to read it all the way through.
A solution for that might be to have just a link to a page on this site, or maybe an index of links that go to several different pages on the site. Something similar to a Wiki?
by scifiguy7
10 Mar 2021, 13:38
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Region HillRiver has glitched nighttime areas
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Region HillRiver has glitched nighttime areas

The region HillRiver has numerous glitches in the vicinity of the region pole that appear like they are in night instead of day (when it is daytime). The result is a high spawn rate of nighttime mobs in the open (in the small pockets of night), and constant attacks in the area.
by scifiguy7
12 Feb 2021, 21:45
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Economy is dead
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Re: Economy is dead

Imo all regions should be named, at least with a number, so you can /randomregion to them all. That would certainly help. I've been here closing in on a year now, and am still struggling with the region naming. I have had difficulty finding a spot to settle into a private region where I can make my...
by scifiguy7
31 Jul 2020, 11:00
Forum: General Requests
Topic: Easttown skeletons riding Skelton horses
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Re: Easttown skeletons riding Skelton horses

I came across a group of the skeletons on skeleton horses near Northtown that may have been the same group and took care of them.
by scifiguy7
09 Jul 2020, 18:02
Forum: Market Request
Topic: green scifiguy7 has This
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green scifiguy7 has This

Would like the green sector stall GR1-1065.

I'm thinking of using the stall like a pop-up flea-market and will try to sell items that tend to be overlooked, for instance paper and books or running short-tem limited amount discounts on items. Also items by suggestion.