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by Raven
18 Jun 2020, 12:45
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Market Permission Bypass
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Re: Market Permission Bypass

Heya! I may have found another similar instance of this, in terms of being able to place blocks outside of your designated area in market. When I was using some bonemeal to brighten up the area around my shop in the middle ring on 17/6/20, I noticed that the bonemeal seemed to create short grass out...
by Raven
09 Jun 2020, 07:51
Forum: Market Request
Topic: Purple RavenSky123 has This
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Purple RavenSky123 has This

Heya! I was wondering if it was possible to apply for a plot in Market. The plot I currently have in mind is the plot called 'PL2-4177'. In this shop I would be selling green-themed items, such as grass blocks, green concrete, slime, etc. The shop itself would resemble a tree, custom made, with the ...