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by Najyk
28 Jun 2020, 09:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: List of items that can be sold to the server
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Re: List of items that can be sold to the server

I think it may be a good idea to make netherrack sellable before the server gets updated to 1.16, since the mining in the nether would otherwise probably leave a lot of items (ergo entities) on the ground.
by Najyk
23 Jun 2020, 13:38
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The new nether
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The new nether

Since the nether update has come out today, I expect the server will update pretty soon (not saying a date, since I am not the person that knows about that stuff). The update will come with some pretty significant changes, especially in regards to netherite, which will make the nether into a place w...
by Najyk
09 Jun 2020, 09:18
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: ROJP intiative- The EU of BlockHermit
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Re: ROJP intiative (Republic of Joint Players)

I don't mean to discourage you, but I think it will be hard to run this, looking at the fact that you need at least six active players (that stay active) wanting to fully throw themselves at this. Me personally, I'm already occupied with my own projects, so I won't be joining.
by Najyk
09 Jun 2020, 04:27
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: [Poll] About the BetterBeds Plugin
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Re: [Poll] About the BetterBeds Plugin

Small correction: I think it skips the night when at least 40% of players sleep, not 50 as you said.

Personally, I have no problem with it either way. Does that mean I should abstain from voting?
by Najyk
31 May 2020, 07:04
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Elys for rhines
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Re: Elys for rhines

20000 rhines is equal to about 27 diamonds at most, which is 3 db. I highly doubt anybody will sell you elytra for that price.
by Najyk
26 May 2020, 04:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Market Region [All Stores, Stocked, Items, and Prices] 6/14/2020
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Re: Market Region [All Stores, Stocked, Items, and Prices] 5/24/2020

Found a mistake: quantity of snowblocks in my shop says 28, it should be 128.

Very cool list btw :)
by Najyk
17 May 2020, 10:51
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Market
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Re: Market

Question in addition to the answer Tiberaus gave to the question Watertox had: if somebody else helps you stock a shop, it seems reasonable to share the profits of said product when it sells. However, I'm not sure if according to the rules that counts as them selling stuff in my shop, which would me...
by Najyk
11 May 2020, 05:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The BH Economy and YOU
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Re: The BH Economy and YOU

I agree with what Oh_Tassos said for the most part, there's just one aspect I don't see happening. Increasing the prices of certain items, serverwide, goes against the rules set in the first post. To increase the price of an item, all the people that sell said item need to agree on a minimum price. ...
by Najyk
05 May 2020, 07:56
Forum: Market Request
Topic: Pink Najyk has this
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Pink Najyk has this

Code PK1-2197

I'd like to sell blocks of an assigned color, starting with just white (so for instance boneblocks, white concrete, white terracotta, mushroom stem). If succesfull, I'd expand with a layer on top for a different color.
by Najyk
05 Apr 2020, 12:57
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Unabled to place saplings
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Re: Unabled to place saplings

I was not aware of this, claiming the area I want to plant the trees in worked. It'll take some time until I can claim the whole build, but this works for now. Thank you!