Server Rules & FAQ

The first time you break a rule, a formal warning gets added to your permanent record.
You get kicked from the server after 3 warnings, and temporarily banned after 3 kicks.
3 warnings for the same offense may lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

If you didn’t make it, don’t touch it!
If you come across something built by another player, you should leave it alone. Stealing items, killing passive/named mobs, or altering another player’s build in any way without their permission is not allowed!

Be kind! No profanity, hostility, or advertising.
We encourage players to take every opportunity to be kind and respectful to their fellow players. We do not allow profanity, inappropriate chat topics, flaming, unwanted attacks on players (physically or verbally), and/or advertising other websites or servers.

No begging; for resources, staff/senior positions, or otherwise.
We encourage players to interpret a lack of response as a “no.” Spam of any kind, including asking for something multiple times in a short length of time is not allowed. Asking to become a senior or staff will always be denied, so we encourage all players not to do so.

No hacks, X-Ray, or exploits!
Use of 3rd party hacked clients/mods or vanilla exploits (including x-ray texture packs, item duping, and breaking bedrock/accessing the nether roof) are strictly prohibited and may lead to bans.

Don’t attempt to bypass the AFK/idle timeout.
You will be kicked from the server after 15 minutes of inactivity, but are welcome to rejoin right after. Intentionally exceeding the AFK limit through any means is not allowed and will lead to warnings or bans.

Mine in the resource world!
Gathering resources should be done in the resource world which is accessible through the portals at region Central. The resource world is reset regularly. Players may excavate in the overworld to create space for builds but should otherwise not be gathering resources in the overworld unless it is their personal region. A personal region is defined here.

These guidelines are put in place to help the server run more smoothly. Violations are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Listen to seniors and any warnings they give you.
Breaking a rule right after you were warned for breaking it the first time will typically bypass the “3 warning, 3 kick” rule and be elevated to a temporary ban. For this reason, we highly recommend you take warnings from seniors or broadcasts (BH Announcer) seriously.

Don’t ask others to respond to your forum requests.
Asking a senior to check your forum post will cause that post to be frozen for 7 days. If you feel your post has been overlooked, you may “bump” your thread to the top of the list by replying to it no more than once every 24 hours.

CLAIM YOUR BUILDS! Manage your own claims!
Claiming your land keeps thieves out of your chests and protects your builds and animals from griefers. Use /claim to create one, and /extendclaim to make it bigger. Be careful who you /trust; the seniors typically won’t be able to help if you give the wrong person access to your items.

Don’t hoard natural structures/resources.
You may claim no more than one nether fortress and one bastion remnant. Players found hoarding multiple structures will have their claims removed until they abide by this rule. We also discourage claiming land to “reserve” it for mining/resource collecting.

Minimize lag by reducing entities and farms.
Entities take up valuable server power and cause lag in large amounts. These include item frames, armor stands, animals, and mobs. You may find the number of entities in your region manually reduced if they are deemed unnecessary or excessive.

Farms with moving parts (liquids, pistons, mobs..) will always cause lag to some degree. We encourage players to make their region as lag-friendly as possible and minimize the size and amount of farms they build.

Please speak only English in public chat!
If you wish to speak a language other than English, please use the /msg or /tell commands. This prevents confusion, disruption, or clogging up of the public chat.

Frequently asked questions. Ask no more.

How do I start?
We direct new players to the resource world (at /visit Central) to gather the basic resources they’ll need to begin their survival Minecraft experience. Since you cannot create claims in the resource world, you should return to the overworld through the portal at (0,0) before you start building a base.

Regions Central and Market have no hostile mobs at night, and region NewTown’s motel can provide temporary shelter for new players.

Where can I build?
Players are free to build in any region that doesn’t have someone else’s claim or builds in it. Some regions also welcome new players to build in their community, so please feel free to ask. You can look for claims by right-clicking the ground with a stick.

Regions NorthTown, SouthTown, and EastTown are reserved for new player builds.

What’s a region?
Our overworld is divided into a grid of 400x400 block plots called “Regions.” Each region has a “Region Pole” in the center that looks like this. While standing next to a Region Pole, type /visit <region name> to travel there! Using /movein will set a region as your home. You can return to your home region with /home; other players can visit you with /visit <your name>.

“Wilderness” Regions are Regions that don’t have a name, meaning you can’t /visit them. If you set a wilderness as your home, other players won’t be able to visit you until you /invite them.

Someone built here but it’s not claimed. Can I loot/edit it?
We do not recommend you do this at all. If you didn’t make it, don’t touch it. Doing so may result in warnings or bans.

What should I do if someone is being rude/hostile/vulgar?
File a player report on the forums here as soon as possible. If the player is bothering you, you can block their messages with /ignore <player>. If they are antagonizing others, encourage them to also make use of /ignore.

What should I do if someone builds/claims in my region without my permission?
If a player is squatting in your region, and you are the mayor, you should do the following:
- Place signs near their claim or build that politely ask them to leave.
- Note the date when you place the signs.
- If they haven't left after 14 days, file an eviction request here.

Why did my claim(s) expire? / Why did my builds/items disappear?
If the blocks in a claim have not been edited in more than 60 days, the claim will automatically be removed. Land that has not been touched or claimed for a sufficient length of time may be regenerated for others to use. If you know you will be gone for over 60 days, consider making a hiatus request as shown here, otherwise, you may find your inventory cleared and your builds reset upon your return.

Someone stole my items/killed my mob! Can you ban them?
Griefing (including killing named mobs), looting, and theft are not allowed! If you are the victim, consider filing a player report here.

How do I name my region?
If you have been playing for a while, you should consider becoming the mayor of your region by applying here. This lets you name your region and have exclusive control over the rules of your region and who gets to build there.

What mods are acceptable?
We typically allow mod as long as they are purely cosmetic. OptiFine and Schematica (not using the print function) are examples of allowed modifications.

This page was last updated on September 15th, 2020.