Server Rules

Breaking of these rules may result in a kick/ban at the seniors' discretion.

If it looks like someone built it, don't touch it!
Players are advised not to build or live in areas they haven't built themselves. We are not a raiding server and those caught looting and/or griefing may be kicked/banned. This includes named mobs! (Updated 18.03.2020)

Do not ask people to answer your forum requests!
Asking seniors to answer requests via in-game chat will result in your request being postponed for a week's time. We advise that you do a 24 hour bump on your post if it is not answered within 24 hours.

No profanity!
Please use mild language. For the sake of avoiding hostility.

Any resource farm that causes lag may be asked to be taken down.
Not only for farms but mechanisms as well.

You will manage your own claims!
If you give trust to another person in your claim and they grief you, no one will be held responsible other than yourself. If the griefing is deemed serious, seniors will consider the case and suspend or ban as deemed necessary.

Do not ask for OP/staff/senior position!
We will add to current staff as time goes on and we get to know the players that are trustworthy to be as such. We will completely remove you from consideration should you ask.

Do not beg for resources!
While resources on the surface are scarce, we are still an SMP server. Region: NewCity should serve to provide free food for you to survive on.

No Advertising/No Spam
We're a bit lenient on this one, but advertising your server and/or spamming is a bannable offense.

No Client Mods/No Exploits
Seniors are warned by the game when another player uses a hacked client. All exploits are also warned in-game to the seniors as well. Offenders caught will be banned.

General Guidelines
The following aren't exactly rules but should be followed to maintain the server in its entirety. These cases are handled case by case and can result in warnings to bans dependent on the situation.

Don't AFK
The server will automatically kick you if you are idle for more than 15 minutes. However, it is possible to afk using other methods. This is not advised. Players may experience kicks from active seniors if caught.

Minimize hoppers, frames, Redstone clocks
Hoppers and frames are considered entities by Minecraft. Hoppers, frames, Redstone clocks drain server CPU causing lag for other players. No senior is able to fix this on the server, it's up to the players to be courteous to others and maintain minimal usage of these items. Consider using ice conveyor belts, redstoneless item elevators, and manually ticking Redstone. Players may find the clocks disabled by seniors. Seniors may also send a direct warning via signs/books.

Minimize farms
Farms have mobs (including animals) which are entities. Farms have been the main reason for CPU drainage on the server. Approximately 50 active entities take up the same CPU space as one player does, consider this fact when you create your farms. Seniors will actively diminish your mob/animal population as necessary to keep CPU drainage to a minimum. To avoid this, please minimize your farms and the mobs/animals in them.

Only ONE mayor per region
Because claiming only allows one owner, there can only be one mayor per region. In community builds/towns, it is required that the mayor claims the region pole.

Mining should be done in the resource world
Resources should be gathered in the Resource World. This rule applies to mayors as well as residents of a region. The only exception to this is if you are the mayor of a personal region and trusted therein. Because claims extend vertically and regenerate land when expired, this can potentially cause people to become trapped or killed. Likewise, when the region has to be regenerated later, it becomes difficult to do so because of the network of mines that people create underground. Mining underground to build something there is allowed, albeit WITHIN the boundaries of the region (you cannot create a railway from your region to two regions over for example).

Claim your builds!
While claiming your builds is completely optional, note that seniors cannot fully consider it griefing if the area is not protected and gets used by another player.

Please speak only English in public chat!
While we appreciate the big number of players that come from such a diverse amount of countries with different languages, we are still an English speaking community and require English in public chat. Talking in another language in public chat can cause confusion, disruption, and clogging up of chat as usually your native language is directed at an individual. Please use private chat/whispers if you must use a different language.

Frequently asked questions. Ask no more.

This area is not claimed/unclaimed. Can I loot/edit it?
We do not recommend that you do this at all. If you didn't make it, don't touch it. Doing so may result in kicks and bans.

Someone killed my (insert mob here)! Can you ban them?
Please do not kill anyone's animal! This now includes named mobs. This will be considered griefing. However, seniors are still granted the liberty of decreasing farms to minimize CPU drainage.

Someone built a wall around a region pole and I cannot access the region. Can I destroy the wall, can you ban them?
This is called pole locking and is a valid way to close off a named region from unwanted visitors. You may not grief the wall and this is not a bannable offense. However, the locking player can be considered in the wrong if he/she is building where they shouldn't be building or if the community at that region did not agree to it.

What should I do if someone is being rude/hostile/vulgar?
Send a form in via the website as soon as possible. A senior should be able to hop on and assess the situation. You can also alleviate the situation yourself with /ignore PLAYERNAME

I'm running out of claim blocks. How do I get more?
Your claim blocks generate per each hour a player accumulates on the server. This setting is set in place so that new players cannot come in and claim everything.

I live in the wilderness but would like to name my region. How do I do this?
You can have a generic/random generated name given to the region by a senior if you ask on our forums. This can only be done in the wilderness. If you're the mayor of your region and would like to give it a custom name of your choice, you can donate to the server to receive a region name voucher which a senior can redeem for you. You can learn more by clicking this link.

I came back to play after a while and all my builds/stuff are gone! What happened?!
Players who have been inactive for 60 days or more will be deemed a non-player and their builds, claims, and inventory (including ender chest) may be reset. Mayorships are forfeit after 60 days, even with the use of a voucher to name a region. Players who are going on hiatus for more than 60 days should make a request in the general request section of the forum.

I did not go on a hiatus but a claim of mine expired. Why did this happen?
Players' claims that have been inactive for 60 days or more still counts towards the activity count but for that individual claim. If you have two claims and you only build in claim 2 and don't touch claim 1 for 60 days, claim 1 will expire from inactivity. This ensures that players who create claims are only actively using claims they need.