Tutorial, Money and our Economy

Block Hermit’s economy is powered by Rhines. The more you have, the greater the kinds items you can purchase. In order to earn Rhines on the server you have a few options:

i. Selling directly to the server with the /sell command.
By far the simplest and quickest method of generating Rhines. Using this method will prompt you with a few options as follows:

/sell <<itemname>;<id>;hand;inventory;blocks> [-][amount]
  • /sell <itemname> will sell a specified item.
    Example: if you want to sell all of the stone in your inventory, enter “/sell stone”.
  • /sell <id> will sell all instances of the listed item id
    Example: if you want to sell your gravel, enter “/sell 13” to sell all of the gravel in your inventory.
  • /sell hand will sell the item you are holding
  • /sell inventory will sell all items in your inventory
  • /sell blocks will sell all building and decoration blocks in your inventory

As an add-on to all of the previous command examples you can include ‘-[amount] to all of your entries to keep that many items in your inventory.¬†For example, you have a few stacks of cobblestone you want to sell after a long mining session, but want to keep a few to craft a few items. If you want to keep 25 pieces of cobblestone, enter “/sell cobblestone -25”

ii. [sell] and [buy] Sign Shops
This method allows you to sell items directly to other players.¬†Setting up sign shops may be a little confusing for some players at first, so we’ve created a short tutorial on how to create your own shop.

Right-clicking either of these signs will exchange the indicated amount for a determined amount of Rhines from your wallet. Meanwhile, left-clicking on a sign will tell you how many items you’ll be getting before purchasing in case you wanted to make sure that the sign is honest. Be wary of shops that rip off players. If you come across dishonest sign shops, feel free to report it to us via the forums.

iii. [iBuy] and [iSell] Shops
These function very similarly to the player sign shops just mentioned, however these are sign shops that allow a player to buy and sell from the server. iBuy and iSell shops can be found primarily in Newtown Region.

Alternatively, it is preferred that players use the /sell command as shown above in the first point as it reduces lag created when selling large quantities of items. It’s also important to note that iSell shops maintain a cooldown of 1 second per sign shop exchange, meaning that selling a full stack of 64 blocks will take over a minute to process.

How to check your wallet

Don’t have enough Rhines to buy that fancy new beacon, but want to know how much you have left to collect? You can check how many Rhines you have with the “/fe” command. Entering the “/fe help” command will pull up a list of other things you can do like send money to other players or check who has the most Rhines on the entire server!

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