Tutorial, Making a Sign Shop

To make a sign shop all you’ll need is a chest, a sign, and a piece of redstone dust.

How to Make a Sign Shop

Step 1. Placing down your chest and sign

Start by placing a chest anywhere you want: a Market shop that is assigned to you, in your base, or someplace private–just make sure it’s on claimed land so nobody can loot it! Place a sign in the place where you want to sell your goodies. Again, you can place the sign in your Market shop or in your build. Make sure that people can see and access the sign.

Step 2. Make your sign

You can replace the example bracket below “[ ]” with < >, ( ), or { } as long as you use brackets. Also, it doesn’t matter whether or not you capitalize your words. Feel free to use either style that suits your shop. As for the price, if you’d like to be specific and deal with pennies on the dollar, you can place decimals in your prices up to two decimal places, i.e 100.50 or 3.99. A standard sign shop looks like this:

item name
# of items

[Buy] means that other players are buying from you, where as the [Sell] sign means that other players are selling to you. In our example below we will be using the following sign to let other players buy 16 torches for 5.99 from our shop:


Step 3. Fill your chest

Put the item you wish to sell in the amount indicated on your sign. In the above example we are selling 16 torches. Place 16 torches in the first slot of the chest placed in Step 1. Close the chest.

Step 4. Link your chest to your sign shop

Hold a single piece of redstone in your main hand and left-click (attack/destroy button) the shop chest you just filled. Next, left-click the sign you just made in Step 2. When your shop is successfully linked, you’ll notice that the {Buy} text has turned blue. To make sure your sign is linked correctly, left-click your sign shop to confirm that the correct items are being sold. Voilà, you just made your first shop!

Note: When stocking your shop after linking your chest, each slot must contain the same amount of items as indicated on the sign. Too many or too few items will display a sign with red text making your customers think you’re sold out. Be sure to re-stock accordingly!


The image above shows examples of the different states of a sign shop:

  1. Sign #1 indicates with blue text that the <buy> shop is stocked and has items for sale.
  2. Sign #2 indicates with red text the (buy) shop is out of items. This shop will need to be re-stocked.
  3. Sign #3 indicates that this [sell] shop is able to purchase your torches for 5.99 per stack of 16.
  4. Sign #4 indicates that this {SELL} shop is unable to purchase anymore torches. The linked chest will need to be emptied in order to purchase more items.

How to Make a Device Sign Shop

Device Signs work almost the same as Shop Signs with the difference that you need to replace {buy} with {Device} as well as linking the sign to a redstone lever instead of a chest. Device Signs don’t need a price amount to function, so you can leave the fourth line of your sign empty.

In our example below our Device Sign Shop controls a lever to give players access to our slime farm. We can choose either to give access for free, or we can charge players a small amount to enter our farm. This choice is yours.

Slime Farm
Entrance Lever access
(price is optional)

Keep in mind that Device Signs only activate a lever for about 10 seconds, so make sure not to place the Device Sign too far away from what it’s operating. For example, if a Device Sign is linked to a lever operating a door, make sure players have enough time to click your sign, activate the lever, and walk through a door.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Signs don’t need to be placed on the side of the chest. You can have a sign in one room and your chest in another, as long as they’re linked correctly.
  2. If your sign shop turns red, it means your stock has run out. All you need to do is refill the appropriate chest with the correct items and simply left-click the shop sign to update it. Once the text on your sign turns blue, you’re back in business.
  3. You can connect chests together to expand your shop’s chest capacity with hoppers. This is especially helpful if you buy or sell items in massive quantities and you want to keep items flowing.
  4. If you want to limit how many items your [Sell] shop is able to purchase, you can add filler items to occupy slots. To do this you need to link your [Sell] shop as you normally would. Once that’s done only leave slots you want the shop to purchase for you, filling up the rest of the slots with a filler item like a potato. (Make sure the filler item is not what’s being linked to the shop, otherwise you’ll have 27 stacks of potato on your hands!)

This tutorial was originally written on September 27, 2016 with the help of LayaElisabeth and updated on May 31, 2018.

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