Tutorial, Installing Optifine

With the release of dynamic lighting for OptiFine we’re getting more and more players asking how they can install it themselves and experience the game like the rest of us. Other features include Shader support, HD Textures, and most importantly, a boost in FPS for older systems.

Just follow the steps below to get installed:

  • First, visit the OptiFine website and download the latest version to your computer. For this tutorial we’ll be using the OptiFine 1.10.2 U C3 file as an example.
  • Secondly, select the file to download. You’ll get a prompt that asks you whether or not you’re prepared to download a .jar file; download and keep the file anyway.
  • Next, select the downloaded OptiFine file you just downloaded. In this case, we’re installing OptiFine_1.10.2_HD_U_C3.jar to our system.
  • Finally, an OptiFine Installer window will appear. You don’t need to alter the destination of the installation because OptiFine finds your .minecraft folder for you. Install.

OptiFine is successfully installed. Great success! Very nice!

Open up Minecraft as you would normally, but before you press play, you’ll notice that OptiFine has created a new profile for you to play on. It’ll become the default profile so you can continue using it without having to switch all the time. To enable dynamic lighting in-game, follow these simple steps in the Options menu:

Options > Video Settings > Quality > Dynamic Lights: Fancy

Finally, in order to update OptiFine you’ll need to manually download new files, then install them following the previous steps. Fortunately, OptiFine reminds you upon logging in to the game that a newer version is available making it easier to stay updated.

If you’re having trouble installing OptiFine, make sure that your version of Java is up to date on your machine. You can find out what version you have by checking the Free Java Download page.

This tutorial was originally written on September 29, 2016.

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