Return to Market a bit Easier! (And other minor updates)

Our market region now has easy to use signs you can right-click to return to Market’s Region Pole. This should make buying, selling, and accessing the market easier overall!
We’ve also added signs around the pole area in Market that directly links players to the forum so they can easily sign up and apply as needed.

We will be introducing mailboxes soon! But for now, did you know? You can create a signshop using (DonateHand) which will pass the item in the hand of the player sending mail to the chest the sign is linked to. No need for hoppers! This means you don’t have to worry about your items being picked up by hoppers if you should die over a mailbox. We hope to see more players use this feature. Don’t forget, you can easily link your signshops to chests you own, however far away.

We recently updated our Hosting Service. We expect to see faster, more efficient run times. We are working on reducing the hopper delays. As we currently house around 100+ returning players daily and 30+ new players visiting or otherwise, we are processing a lot more than just redstone, entities, and hoppers.

We are working hard to bring you a better experience on BlockHermit. Hope you’re having more and more fun as you play with us!

You can apply for Market Plots using our forums. Please use your current in-game name (which can be changed later as your in-game name changes) and don’t forget to read through the forum rules before posting.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Themoddedguy

    This will be very useful for people who don’t have an elytra since you can teleport to the region pole without moving a lot even though it makes you more lazy XD


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