Be Forewarned Going Into The End!

As of this post, seniors will no longer be rolling back ANY glitch/lag deaths in the End. Go into the End at your own risk! It has become a frequent problem for players to go into the end and die there repeatedly often with good armor set and tools with them. Seniors have been lenient… Read more »

How to Best Utilize Your Horses

Horses are a common utility in a server like BlockHermit, but did you know there are easy ways to make your horsekeeping efficient? Our server utilizes the plugin “Stables“. This plugin introduces the ability to craft horse armor (diamond, gold, iron), nametags, and saddles. The plugin, as its name suggests, also allows you to create… Read more »

1.10 Natural Fishing Bug

Have you tried to fish in a lake and had a bug where your bobber floats into the air? This is a common bug starting back from 1.9 and still persists in 1.10. It is the game trying to make sure you don’t fish in a small space. To fix this, you can dig deeper… Read more »

Your First Steps in BlockHermit

Welcome to BlockHermit! Since you’re here, we assume you want to read to get settled in. The process is easy but does require a bit of explanation. Spawn: When you first log into the game, you will be at the region Spawn. Most of the information you need is written right in front of you… Read more »

Do not Log off in Public Farms!

With the recent introduction of 1.10 came the reset of the nether as well as a much needed queue of farms that needed renovating. With an uncertain deadline to renovate the public farms, no one knows when certain farms will be moved or remodeled. Players that log off in public farms risk all sorts of… Read more »

Redesigning and finishing the move

Our server has had possession of “” for awhile now but we have not been able to utilize it. However, after nearly a year, we are finally finishing the transfer from our old free hosting at to our very own name. Utilizing wordpress should help interactivity and streamlining between seniors and players. These… Read more »