How to Best Utilize Your Horses

Horses are a common utility in a server like BlockHermit, but did you know there are easy ways to make your horsekeeping efficient?
Our server utilizes the plugin “Stables“. This plugin introduces the ability to craft horse armor (diamond, gold, iron), nametags, and saddles. The plugin, as its name suggests, also allows you to create a virtual stable to store away your horses. This makes it easy to bring them with you to other regions as you can summon them when you need them.

The Saddles
To craft saddles, you need leather and iron ingot.

Naming your Horse
You must name your horse to claim ownership of it. This step is VERY IMPORTANT! Horses that are not named can be tamed, but will not be considered owned by you. You will not be able to track it and you will not be able to store it away in your stables.
To craft nametags, you need paper and string. To give it names, you must use an anvil and edit the name for that nametag to name your horse.

Creating your Stable
Your horses can be stored in virtual stables. Simply create a sign that says:
From here you can punch the sign or /stables store to store a horse you own. Likewise, you can /recover horses in your stables after you put them away.

Please note that there is a bug with the plugin where chests do not get stored when putting your horse away in storage! Seniors are not responsible for recovering items lost this way so please be aware of this bug!

Finding Your Horse
If your horse wanders away, if it is close by (or in a loaded chunk) you can fetch it by using /stables summon .

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