There are many ways to be griefed, but you can protect yourself against most of these.


You can protect your properties by claiming it. If you don’t have enough claimblocks for what you want to build; place fences around the area you wish to own (but don’t go overboard). This will let other players know how you want to expand so they stay away far enough from the place you wanna build in.
Claim what you can with the available claimblocks and ONLY build in that claim. You can always expand your build when you expand your claim.

Check regularly if your claim still stands; you can do this with a stick. If it’s gone, reclaim.
Also try to maintain your build. just logging on isn’t enough to ensure the durability of your claim. Having a sticky piston somewhere that moves a block from a wall away helps.

Only trust people you know are trustworthy and remove whoever you’re not sure of. For bigger project or hired jobs, try subdividing a plot big enough for the project you need help with.
You can do this by typing /subdivideclaims and marking the 2 opposite corners of the plot you want to subclaim. Note; This doesn’t cost any claimblocks. Note2: you can only subclaim blocks WITHIN your basic claim.



People can link a sign to whatever they want. the only given arguments that matter in a signshop are the top ([buy]) and the bottom (price) row. the 2 middle lines are free to fill in and don’t contribute to the plugin/shoplink.
This makes that people can write whatever they want and still link it to a chest without the description and the actual product matching up.

To make sure you buy what is advertised; leftclick the sign of interest first. it will tell you exactly what you WILL be buying and in what quantity.
In case this diverts from what the signs advertises please report this in the grief section on the forum as seniors don’t approve of scamming.

How to report; Make sure you “look” at the signshop so it’s in the middle of the screen. press f2 for a screenshot (unless personally linked to another key) and make sure to have the description of the actual shopcontent visible and then make a report with the screenshot in it by adding attachment of providing a link to the screenshot.
Please don’t forget to either write down the coordinates of the signshop or having them in the screenshot with f3.



For chestprotection, see claims above. make sure your chests are in a claimed area since we don’t have a lockette or vault plugin for chests specifically.

Signshops outside of a claim; whilst the signs are protected from hand or toolbreaking by another player, the chests are not. So protect these too.



Deathdrops are griefprotected. So, if you die, just go back to where you died and pick them back up.

* Vanilla has a drop timer which means you only have 5 minutes until they naturally despawn. BUT, this timer pauzes as long as the drops chunks are unloaded.
* The deathdrop protection only applies to the most recent drops. try to prevent dying before you pick up your drops or somebody else might pick them up.
* NAME your tools, weapons, armor, elytra, … everything you value. In case somebody else finds your belongings it’s easier to find the owner.
* if YOU are the one finding drops that don’t belong to you; please check for names and adres your findings with names in a report on the forum to find back the owner and so seniors can safely store the items for the owner.

* Death drops DON’T burn in lava or fire, so use a fire resistance to be able to pick them up again without dying (second deathdrops will undo the protection of the first and they will burn)
* if you’re in unknown of dangerous terrain (nether, end), try to use f3 as much as you can. In case you die you will have the right coordinates before you respawn so you can easily find your drops again.

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