Grief Prevention

There are many ways to be griefed, but you can protect yourself with these helpful features.

Claims Protection

The first line of defense when it comes to protecting your property. In order to claim any land you’ll need to craft yourself a golden shovel. If you don’t have any gold on you, you can get free gold by visiting the GoldFarm Region.


Claiming your property prevents other players from breaking or looting your belongings. A helpful tip to making sure your builds are always claimed: make the biggest sized claim possible and then only build within your claim. If you realize you don’t have enough claimblocks, simply spend more time on the server and expand your claim later. Every hour spent on the server will earn you 100 claimblocks.

To check and see if your claim is still active, you can right-click the ground with a stick and find out. When you do, you can find out who owns that claim. If this information doesn’t appear in your own builds, it means your claims have disappeared so you’ll need to reclaim your property. This tool is especially helpful when inspecting claims that appear near your base.
Note: Claims don’t vanish very often, but it’s a good idea to check every once in a while to make sure your stuff is still protected.

Try and maintain your build every so often. Logging on for a few seconds isn’t enough to ensure the durability of your claim, but having a sticky piston somewhere that moves a block away from a wall helps to ensure blocks are moving and logging your changes in the database.

Here are a few helpful commands when it comes to claims:

  • /subdivideclaims allow a player to create a small space within a larger claim that other players can access with the proper permissions. This is a good command for when you have large areas that you want to dig/build and want to hire a friend to help you out.
    Note: Subdividing can only be done within your own claim and does not consume additional claim blocks.
  • /accesstrust permission will allow players to access redstone buttons and levers within a claim or subdivided claim you’re standing in when activated.
  • /containertrust permissions allow a player to access your redstone, animals, and chest inventory within a claim or subdivided claim you’re standing in when activated.
  • /trust gives a selected player complete access to everything inside of a claim. Giving someone your trust means that you believe they will respect you and your property. Trusting players is done at your own risk! This means that if your trusted friend loots your base, you are personally responsible for the damages. Only trust people you know are trustworthy, and remove whoever else you don’t.
  • to view the rest of the available claim commands on the server you can find them via the /help claims command.

Finally, we’ll go over how the different claims look and how they function. Please reference the image below for the following examples.


Example 1
This is what a basic claim looks like. A basic claim will protect both chests A and B from other players. A claim has glowstone located in all four corners of a claim with gold blocks placed along the border.

Example 2
Here we’ve included a subdivided claim within our basic claim for other people to use. If we gave /containertrust permission to a user within the subdivided claim, they’d have access to Chest B, but not Chest A. Subdivided claims are shown with iron blocks located in all four corners with white wool placed along the border..

Example 3
If you come across a claim that is made up of redstone ore and netherrack, it means that the area you’re trying to claim overlaps someone else’s. Chests and blocks are not accessible in these claims unless you have the correct permissions. In this instance, because we don’t have any trust, Chest C is protected from us. If this happens to you, your first step is change the shape of your own claim. Step two is asking the claim owner if they can move it or adjust the claim, if you really need the space. And finally, once you’ve run out of options, and only if you’ve tried the two steps above, you can ask a Senior to find out what can be done about the claim in question.

Example 4
If you come across a claim made of glowstone and pumpkins, you’ve found an admin claim. Players are unable to build or access blocks found in these areas as they are only accessible to Seniors. In this example, Chest D is protected from all players that do not have the correct permissions.

Sign Shops

Not all players are honest, so from time to time you may come across a shop that sells something else that isn’t listed on their sign shop. If you’re unsure about a sign shop that you’re buying from, left-click the sign to preview what you’re buying and in what quantity. In case the shop is lying about what’s being sold, please report the shop in the Grief Reporting section of our forum. Scamming is not allowed on the server, and is a punishable offense.

When reporting a sign shop scam make sure to include:

  • the coordinates of the sign
  • the name and quantity of items sold as well as their advertised price
  • (optional) include a clear screenshot of the sign as an attachment file

Sign Shop Chest Protection

Once your sign shop chests are made they cannot be broken as normal chests are broken. As an added layer of protection, only a sign shop owner can only break his/her own sign shop with a golden axe once they are set up correctly. Other players are not able to break your shop even with a golden axe, however they may loot your chests if they aren’t claimed safely.

For example: let’s say that you realized that you entered the wrong price of an item after you set up your shop. You can’t break the sign with your hands, however you can break it with a golden axe. Once broken, you can re-make and correct your sign.

Normal Chest Protection

The best chest protection is making sure that your chests are placed safely within a claimed area (see: Claims Protection above). If you place down a chest in an area that isn’t claimed, a prompt will appear in the chat letting you know that you’re placing your chest in an unprotected area.

The server does not make use of lockettes or vault plugins for chests, nor does it protect sign shop chests outside of a claimed area, so it’s up to you to make sure your belongings are claimed.

Player Drops

When you die your death drops are grief protected. However, when you die a drop timer will start and only give you 5 minutes to re-spawn and collect your items before they naturally despawn. If the chunk you died in suddenly unloads, your items will survive a little longer until it’s reloaded again so move quickly!

Here are some helpful tips in case you die and lose your stuff:

  • Death drops lost in lava or fire will not burn up. If you’re gonna go get them back, bring along a fire resistance potion with you to survive the flames.
  • Since death drop protection only applies to your most recent death, if you die again while trying to retrieve the items from your first death, the old protections will reset and get applied to your new second set of death drops. When this happens the items from your first death may be picked up by anyone.
  • If you’re too far from your death drops to retrieve them in time, you can use the /unlockdrops command to allow other players to pick up your gear and hold it for you until you can return.
  • Please be aware that logging off after dying automatically unlocks your drops.
  • If you’re exploring new and dangerous territory in the Nether or the End, check the debug screen (F3) often and take note of the coordinates and direction you’re travelling. In case you die by accident you’ll have an easier time tracking your lost gear.
  • Name your valuable items! This means god armor, weapons, beacons, elytra, etc. In case somebody else finds your belongings, having named items makes it a lot easier to find the original owner.
  • If you happen to be exploring and come across lost gear, check and see if the items are named so they can be returned. Please report any lost items in the Reports section of our forum so we can help you out. Remember: we’re all looking after you, so let’s look after one another.

This tutorial was originally written on January 30, 2017 with the help of LayaElisabeth and updated on May 31, 2018.

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