As of 0700EST since the daily server restart, we have found a critical error in Prism that has caused our datasbase to fail which consequently caused griefprevention to fail as well. This meant that players experienced a full lack of claims. As we find this to be an essential part of the server, we have currently put the server in maintenance mode until we can fix this. You can use our facebook, twitter, forums, and/or discord to keep updated with this issue.

We also ask that players not try to keep logging on while they see the MOTD of our server as being in maintenance as this clogs up our console and slows down the isolation of certain errors we need to address. Thanks for your cooperation. We will be back shortly!

EDIT As of 1400EST, we are back online. Claims are all back online as well. Our database has been fixed and everything is as it should be. We apologize for the long wait. Happy hermiting, all!

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