BH GPA Awards

We want YOU to show us how smart you are!
School has started for many students this year. Our server welcomes people of all ages so we’re bound to have many students! We value your grades. It shows us you are working hard in real life. And to show you we value your grades, we are giving away awards to good students! This applies to whatever grade/trade school you are in.

We also value your privacy. If you are 12 and younger, please double check with your parents and get permission to share your report card with us. For all ages, please make sure your name, teacher name, school name, addresses, phone numbers are all hidden. Refer to example below:

We are doing this case by case, player by player, so please send your images directly to our email:

We will be using this GPA formula to calculate your GPA.

4.0 and higher – 10,000 Rhines
3.0 and higher but less than 4.0 – 5,000 Rhines
2.0 and higher but less than 3.0 – 2,500 Rhines

We hope to see players really take an interest in their school year and try their best!
You can read about this in our forums too! (Opens in new tab)

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