BH Games Weekend Extravaganza

Los_The_Hammer has been absent for a bit but now he’s back! In celebration, we are kicking off the weekend with some events!

Here is the following schedule; please note that all times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) — convert as necessary.

July 21
1800 – Free For All (FFA) III
July 22
1100 – Hardcore Survival Games (HSG) XI
1400 – Build Battle II

It is very short notice but this is alas a great weekend to have these events, particularly with 1.13 just getting released, though we will not be using 1.13 in the games. Remember to go to to play! Be in the server at match time. Lateness might result in you not getting to participate. The rulebooks for each event is provided below. Hope to see you soon on the battle field!

FFA Rules
HSG Rules
Build Battle Rules

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