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There are many ways to be griefed, but you can protect yourself against most of these. Claims You can protect your properties by claiming it. If you don’t have enough claimblocks for what you want to build; place fences around the area you wish to own (but don’t go overboard). This will let other players… Read more »

How to make a signshop on BlockHermit

Signshop Step 1. You start with placing a chest anywhere you want. This can be in a newtown stall that is assigned to you, in your base or someplace else. Just make sure it’s on claimed land so nobody can grief it. Then you go and place a sign in the place where you want… Read more »

How to find the nearest region pole

If you are lost in a region, there is a simple equation to find the nearest region pole. All you need to do is find the nearest multiple of 400 to your x and z co√∂rdinates and then add or subtract 200. example: x: -764 z: 1348 will be x: 800-200= 600 and z: 1200-200=… Read more »